Awolk is a neo-folk singer songwriter hailing from Nova Scotia, Canada. His alternative style, blends rootsy melodies with modern acoustic and electric soundscapes. In years past, Awolk had been known under his former name, Jesse Thomas. In 2017, Awolk emerged, coming out of sleep with a new folk sound, he hit the ground running. 

In 2018, Awolk released his debut full length record. Self titled, the album is an eclectic list of tracks, from alternative electrified folk rock, with hints of soul, bleeding into country. Produced by Colin Buchanan (Paper Lions, Sorrey) the album has been featured on CBC's East Coast Music Hour, huge Youtube/Spotify playlists like Alex Rainbird Music, and indie stations across Canada such as Live88 in Ottawa, and CIOE 97.5 in Sackville, NS, where it ranked 26/60 best albums of the year on the east coast.

At a live show experience, you can expect to be drawn in by soulful lyrics, and smart vocal melodies. In 2018, Awolk toured over 35 dates across Eastern Canada, including a NL tour with Kellie Loder, and a Montreal showcase with band Oliver Forest. 

2019 is starting with a bang, a 15 date winter tour between Halifax and Toronto beginning February 13th, featuring special guests Kellie Loder, Lindsay Foote, Benjamin Dakota Rogers, and Shadow Folk.






                             Roots Music Canada - “Awolk digs into the deepest parts of you, pops the bubble between artist                                                                          and listener, and makes you bleed in the most beautiful way possible. “

Indie Obsessive - ““… tailor made for the drive to an important interview. It’s a ray of motivational optimism set to                                           an array of energizing instrumentation.“

Halifax Music Phile, CIOE Radio - #26/60 best albums of 2018 on the east coast

Alex Rainbird Feature - Fall Youtube Playlist 816,865+ Views. 

Spotify feature, added 3500+ Monthly listeners for fall 2018

Indie Army - Podcast Feature - Pollute Me